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You Can Recover, Your Body Just Needs The Right Information.

Why Do Autoimmune Diseases Occur?

Autoimmune diseases, sometimes called mystery illnesses due to their illusive nature to medical tests are the number one physical issues I assist clients with. Because it’s very easy to get frustrated when you're not getting the results you want from medications and in some cases might be making your symptoms worse.

Clients need their problem solved and for good, not to manifest itself in another symptom further down the line. You have a right to good health.

 Through the use of muscle testing I am able to access your body's automatic control system, ACS (Subconscious/ Cellular Memory) to address the original cause of your health issue.

Your subconscious is limitless, it’s has been keeping you alive the best way it perceives how from the moment you were conceived. Rejuvenating cells, breathing fast or slow, listening to good or bad voices inside and eventually outside of the womb.

Your immune system has been working in the background 24/7 365 days a year without a second's break. It knows EVERYTHING, everything you've ever done, had done to you, said, had said to you, eaten, come into contact with to build your immunity.

You have stored all that information, ready at a seconds notice to spring into action to defend yourself from anything your body perceives as a threat and autoimmunity is a misunderstood reaction between our subconsciousness and our immune response.

   This reaction can be a double-edged sword as it doesn't alway get it right. Its primary function is to keep you safe, but sometimes it doesn't quite recognise what to keep you safe from. This is the reason things like allergies happen your autoimmune response doesn't recognise what it needs to protect you from.

There are lots of things that threaten our wellbeing. Viruses, bacterias, poor diet, physical injury the list is long but the number one culprit is stress.

Our emotions and psychological triggers are what can keep us locked in this loop confusing our bodies and keeping our immune systems in a state of confusion.

The most common administered drug of the 21st century are anti-represents with children as young as 10 being prescribed them, they're immunosuppressant.

 The reason they say stress is the number one cause of death is because of the production of hormones it produces that then surge through the body not only lowering our immune systems ability to fight but it also produces one of three primary food sources of a possible dormant virus in your system, triggering it back into action as it feeds off it. 


A virus called Epstein Barr Syndrome. This virus was discovered in 1964 but had actually begun taking hold in the early 1900s and now has approximately 60 different strains.

Reportedly responsible for over 90% all autoimmune issues.

This virus is becoming better known as the links between its active phases are discovered, but still so little is really known about it in its dormant stages as it quietly wreaks havoc in your body causing symptoms like anxiety, migraines, tinnitus, allergies, shooting nerve pains, skin problems etc.

If you've had chickenpox as a child or tonsillitis, strep throat, glandular fever/mono the chances are you have one of the varieties of EBV, which is undetectable by current medical tests when it’s laying dormant in your system.

This is why medical experts will tell you, you have an autoimmune disease, because your body does not recognise what it is dealing with as EBV morphs through it's stages leaving viral debris undetected in your body.

So this is where I come in..

Through your subconscious, muscle memory, ACS whichever term you are most familiar with we can go straight to the most beneficial way to eliminate your symptoms from all angles, biochemically, emotionally and physically. 

By working this way I have been able to guild clients to overcome a host of mystery illnesses such like chronic anxiety, allergies, migraines, fibromyalgia, MS, IBS, arthritis, long covid, thyroid issues to name a few of the most common.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note Bioenergetics and all its different modalities are complementary therapies, working in conjunction with conventional methods helping you gain the best of both practices. My services are not meant to be confused with an alternative or diagnostic tool.

If you are in need of urgent medical attention or medication management please consult with your GP or nearest A&E department.

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