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Money, Success
and Relationship Blockages 

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Get Out Of Your Own Way


The Secret To A Successful Life,
Is To Invest In It!

It's Not Just Bad Luck

We all know failure is part of success but what if it keeps happening? Different businesses, different partners, different timings etc.

It can be exhausting putting ourselves out there time and time again. But what if I told you we repeat these patterns because they are pre-programmed in us by the people we have looked up to in the past? 

They believe that good things are coming their way, that they deserve success, that money is available to them. They believe they are worthy of other people's love and attention because it's not conceited to love and respect yourself. Investing in themselves is a survival strategy and just a healthy thing you do to be the better you. They have aced the law of attraction and know how to manifest just what they want.

Due to a set of different genetics and beliefs.

So then there's what you've been saying to yourself all this time or what you believe about yourself..

"I'm a burden", "Rich people can be selfish", "You have to work hard to be to get what you want", "It's not safe for me to be out there and seen, it might attract trouble. I could loose my friends if I'm more successful than them", "I should put others' needs before mine own or I'm being selfish", "Being confident is just showing off",

"I'm not lucky", "If that person can't succeed, what chance have I got?",

 "I'm not worthy of abundance or their attention or affection" etc etc..


The things we tell ourselves quietly in the back of our minds are louder than we realize. All of these subconscious beliefs are in there running a program in your system 24/7, 365 days a year subconsciously self-sabotaging your dreams keeping them just out of reach.

Just like this, successful people have the opposite, subconsciously drawing in opportunities and the right people coming into their lives. Easily finding themselves in the right place at the right time. 

A course of sessions has been developed to specifically focus on your money, success and healthy relationship blockages, coaching you through your transition to a healthier, abundant life.

Testing for your personal negative core beliefs and getting right to the centre of what's been holding you back. Allowing you to get out of your own way and become the person you always knew you are capable of being.


Clients have reported incredible shifts after only a couple of sessions of this powerful and profound work, such as receiving large cheques out of the blue, finding that special someone or falling in love all over again with their current partner, improved creativity with new and exciting ideas flowing in, developing the confidence to go for their dream job, leaving unhappy situations, moving abroad, or starting new business ventures.  

So if you feel like theres something getting in your way and want to find out what it could be. Get in touch.   

*Also see Ancestral Clearing for more information.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note Bioenergetics and all its different modalities are complementary therapies, working in conjunction with conventional methods helping you gain the best of both practices. My services are not meant to be confused with an alternative. If you are in need of urgent medical attention or medication management please consult with your GP or nearest A&E department.

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