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Consciously Ask Your Subconscious, Why?

Image by Nils Nedel
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Understanding Is The Key To Letting Go.

There are a few myths surrounding hypnotherapy, the biggest being that you are not in control

 and Derren Brown could easily turn you into a chicken or something equally as embarrassing. This simply isn't true, although I'd probably be reluctant to go out for drinks with him.

Granted, some of us are more suggestible to subliminal messaging than others, but you are always in control of your minds focus. Throughout your session you always have the power and ability to "wake up" if there is something you are uncomfortable with or in fact go deeper if there is something you want to investigate further.


The second is that you won't let yourself be hypnotized.

We are hypnotized everyday on some level or other, such as in the supermarket by special offers, the next video on youtube that you didn't mean to get sucked into, another post on social media, or the drive home that you can't remember because you were on autopilot.

All these actions are done in a semi-hypnotic state. They are done without conscious thought or action - this is a state of hypnosis.

If you have been to a hypnotherapist before and they've said they can't hypnotise you, then this could have been down to a few reasons, none of which mean you can't be hypnotised by someone you have more of a rapport with.

The most common factor is trust. You may have felt on a subconscious level that they weren't the right person for the job, or that possibly they weren't able to relate to you or powerful enough to hold space for you  while you opened up to understanding the trauma locked away inside. 


Trust is a very important aspect of being able to open up under hypnosis this is why I offer a free 20 minute discovery call, where you will have the opportunity to ask me anything you may feel will help put your mind at rest and to tell me more about what it is you want to address to gain a deeper level of understanding of how I can help you.


A bioenergetics energy session is also most beneficial for new clients reluctant to open up to their subconsciousness as we can work on the trauma without even having to discuss it, allowing your future hypnotherapy session to flow even more smoothly as the bioenergetics will release the overwhelm around your trauma.

Once you're in hypnosis we will discover, unlock and overcome your life experiences and meanings you attached to the problem. With this incredibly powerful process the results are almost instant and keep strengthening over time as you listen to your 21day personality tailored audio program to support your transformation and lock into place the future you've always wanted.    


I am here to coach you throughout your transformation should you feel the need for further understanding and extra support on your road to the best possible you.

If you are at all intrigued as to how your life can feel without the things holding you back get in touch for your free discovery call.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note Bioenergetics and all its different modalities are complementary therapies, working in conjunction with conventional methods helping you gain the best of both practices. My services are not meant to be confused with an alternative. If you are in need of urgent medical attention or medication management please consult with your GP or nearest A&E department.

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