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People Can Have All Kinds Of Walls

Why Do We Make Walls?

The Heart Wall was discovered by Dr Bradley Nelson and is part of the Emotion and Body Code practice.

In short it is a creation by the subconscious mind of a vibrational wall of negative trapped emotions wrapped around the heart (you can also create Body & Chakras walls too) in the notion that it would protect you from further hurt, but it doesn't.

What is does do is leave you with a feeling of disconnection to the world around you. 

For a long time science has known that our hearts are like our second brain, they store our emotions, our passions and "memories" of connection. The evidence is unequivocally clear with transplant patients and their stories. Your heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power by electromagnetic energy than your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ in your body. In the fetal stages the heart is formed before the brain and is believed to create a rhythmic bond with your mother during this time.

It beats approximately 100,000 times a day, around 40 million times in a year and if its connection to the brain were severed it would keep right on beating.

Your heart is the centre of your being, and if its been hidden behind a wall of negative resonances all these years then wouldn't that explain a lot?


Signs that you may have a heart wall include depression, anxiety, broken or unloving relationships, being introverted - feeling lonely in a room full of people, low self esteem, and heart arrhythmia are the most common, but as you can imagine there are many knock-on effects from these.


A simple example of how it can play out is a misunderstanding with a loved one.

You are on your side of your Heart Wall trying to convey something simple and caring while your loved one is on the other side, not realizing this message is having to pass through your wall or sometimes multiple walls of trapped negative resonating energy. On the other side once it's passed through, what you've tried to communicate isn't received the way you intended. 

Your partner is like "What, that isn't what you said/meant?", "Your tone was different", "It felt like you were being sarcastic"? 

This then leads to misunderstandings and disagreements, and in severe cases abuse if two heart walls are present as it blocks the ability to give and receive love. 

As we know 90% of all communication is non-verbal, in other words it's vibrational and with todays forms of communication mostly being digital it can be hard to convey how we really feel if the intention behind our messages is coming through a negative filter. Without the other person being able to see facial expressions to reassure them this can lead to isolation with online dating being almost impossible.


Life without walls can be exceptional. Clients have reported profound shifts after the removal of their heart walls. Not only overcoming the symptoms described above but also gaining the courage to leave abusive relationships and moving on to find lasting love.


They have no longer become a target for bullying as they are no longer subconsciously attracting the same negative vibrations, forgiveness is easier to achieve and discovering a deep sense of connection with themselves and others is an inevitable liberating conclusion. 


Estranged families finally coming together to heal their differences after years apart, the courage to leave abusive relationships, finding love but above all clients finding a sense of belonging and their place in this world.  

Body Walls

Body walls have been discovered in clients who find weight loss hard to maintain, no matter how hard they try, weight loss just doesn't occur. Clients can often lose just a small amount of weight but then a trigger takes place, sometimes for no reason at all, the weight comes straight back on.


The trigger can be something as simple as a compliment from a friend. "Hey have you lost weight?" This then sets off an alarm bell within the client to put that (protective layer) weight back on. Triggering their subconscious beliefs, "If I'm thin I'm going to attract trouble", "It's not safe to be attractive", "If I'm thin I will get ill and could die" or some other negative association you may have with being thin.

This kind of reaction often happens if there has been any kind of sexual abuse towards the client most commonly in childhood but can happen at any age. Where the client subconsciously feels the need to make themselves bigger and therefore stronger to protect themselves in the subconscious belief to make themselves less desirable to potential physical or sexual abuse. 

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note Bioenergetics and all its different modalities are complementary therapies, working in conjunction with conventional methods helping you gain the best of both practices. My services are not meant to be confused with an alternative. If you are in need of urgent medical attention or medication management please consult with your GP or nearest A&E department.

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