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"With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility" Spiderman 

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Is Just Another Word For Magic

If you are here then this is no doubt a decision you've not taken lightly. You're probably close to your limit and been trying for your baby for a while.

When the choice of having children doesn't look like it applies to us it can be devastating for you and your partner. Whether you are trying to conceive with conventional methods or in a same sex partnership, hormones and our fears can get in the way, either way I have had 100% success with both. 


There may be many reasons your vision of family life hasn't happened yet, from the obvious, internal damage, hormone related imbalances, to the more emotionally triggered and complicated issue.

Conception may not be your problem but the disappointment of not carrying to full term has left you confused and reluctant to try again, or maybe your experience of a previous delivery has left you with PTSD leaving you concerned about what may happen again.

These are all areas I have had experience in with remarkable and heart-warming results. Many of my clients have come to see me about other issues, and mentioned in passing that after the average 3 to 5 rounds of IVF they had given up hope of having a baby. Often by working on a client's other issues things can naturally fall into place.


It is remarkable the amount of adrenaline needed to give birth and that is after all the long months of your loving energy going into making baby. If this area is already a problem the body can make the primal choice of choosing your safety over anything else.


As harsh as it sounds a developing fetus mimics parasitic tendencies draining the host of valuable nutrients and energy. So if you are already low on resources or have something in your system that is taking it's load, then this could have been the cause.

Being able to tune in with you and bioenergetically test what is a priority for your body to work on, such as hormone or chemical imbalances to releasing past emotional or ancestral trauma can free up the resources you need to carry full term. 

Working in this area is so incredibly rewarding and being able to balance, communicate and work on mum and baby together while in the womb will never cease to blow my mind. Babies born after the experience of energy work tend to be calmer and more content as they have already processed what may have been troubling them in utero, reducing the risk of birth trauma for you both.

Once you become pregnant a waiting period for your first trimester is needed before we continue any further work together if you should feel the need.

Birthing Trauma 

There is no need for me to go into details here, we all know how it may feel when things don't always go as we had hoped and this can have devastating repercussions for both parties. If this is something you are struggling to overcome as a couple or alone, I would be honoured to help you regain your sense of acceptance and no longer be held back by the past.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note Bioenergetics and all its different modalities are complementary therapies, working in conjunction with conventional methods helping you gain the best of both practices. My services are not meant to be confused with an alternative. If you are in need of urgent medical attention or medication management please consult with your GP or nearest A&E department.

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