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What Makes Verity Brightside-JohnsThe Right Therapist For You?

I'm an energy therapist with a science background. What I do is based on quantum physics. I find and fix your problems whether they are physical, emotional or biochemical.

I work on all levels with my clients. 

The way we will work together is going to be different from anything you’ve experienced before.

That’s why I get the results I do in only a few hours. All you have to do is relax on the couch and I will instantly start releasing or rebalancing whatever needs to be addressed.


Clients want fast results, to be independent, drug-free and thriving quickly and most see a change in symptoms or behaviour almost instantly. My focus is on getting clients to a point of empowerment they can sustain themselves with the occasional top-up here and there when life gets tough. 

I don’t believe in a regimented approach to recovery, we are all different and thats why I give a client-based on-demand service whenever I’m needed.  


Client Testimonials & Experience's

Brightside Bioenergetics-B12_edited.png

I had horrific tooth ache in lockdown and couldn't get an appointment with the emergency dentist. I tried Verity out of desperation. I couldn't believe how fast it worked. The pain eased almost instantly and before she'd even finished the session it had all gone and the tooth hasn't bothered me since. It was a miracle. 

A.B. Cornwall UK

After years of trying and three courses of IVF I fell pregnant and carried full term after only one session with verity. My advice is don't wait a moment longer.


My quality of life has improved since our very first session. I'm so grateful not to be in pain anymore and getting on with my life.

G.U. U.K

This s**t makes reiki look like a free hug! It's like nothing I've experienced before.

I'm amazed at the difference in how my body feels and how much more positive my out look on life is. Forever grateful and mind blown, thank you.


I was pretty skeptical when my daughter booked my session but I feel so different. The pain in my body that I've had for 20+ yrs has gone, I'm much happier and have a more positive outlook on things. 

B.M Cornwall  

My daughter was missing so much school with menstrual cramps, Verity worked her magic and after only one session she's back like nothing was ever the matter.  Amazing, highly recommend.

A.K Cornwall

I might not be here today if it wasn't for Verity's unwavering dedication and encouragement through a very turbulent divorce. I am so very grateful to the universe for sending her my way.

My life has completely changed and I am free in ways I didn't know were possible. I will be forever grateful to Verity.

S.A.  Shropshire 

My surgery was no longer necessary after my sessions with Verity. I'm very happy to have had this experience. I highly suggest you try this before going under the knife.

D.W.  UK

I sleep deeply all night long after my treatments with verity. My life has improved 10 fold since starting working with her.

S.J. Germany

Verity really is magic. Hand her all your problems and one by one they disappear. One minute you're in despair then a few sessions later you've forgotten what was even wrong. 


"Wherever you are in the world Verity Brightside has the tools and the means to improve your quality of life. Call her now."

"On all levels I have improved and wish I'd started this journey years ago."  

J.M. Sussex  U.K

My fibromyalgia symptoms went away after working with Verity. I went from 16 tablets a day to non in only a few weeks. I'm so very grateful.


"I want to stress how seriously I take my clients privacy and all testimonies given have been done so with willing permission from some of my happy clients."

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