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About Your Therapist 

Verity Brightside-Johns

My understanding is that life is a series of opportunities to make a positive difference for others, when we can and becoming the energy practitioner seemed destined to be my



After becoming seriously ill, back in my early 20s, I was recommended Health Kinesiology when conventional methods were failing and I’ve not gone back to my GP other than the standard health checks when having a baby since. I absolutely love what I do, even winning the lottery wouldn't stop me.

The feeling of helping clients with undiagnosed physical illnesses is incredibly rewarding as I know how great it feels to overcome something the medical system has told you will be a life long condition. 


But it is mental and emotional health conditions that I find the most rewarding, as I know it’s not only the person with the original condition that I've helped, but also their loved ones too. No longer having to worry or watching your loved ones suffer can have an enormous positive effect on an entire family dynamic that lasts for generations.

Over my years in practice it still fascinates me how complex the mind and body connection is and the problems we associate within ourselves due to past trauma. No one client is the same, issues can manifest themselves at any point and on any level. Working with clients emotional wellbeing always has a positive effect on their physical conditions too as nearly all physical symptoms have an emotional link back to them. Whether it's slowing down the healing process or the original cause or pain.

To make the positive changes clients need a comprehensive arsenal of the right energetic tools releasing the blockages created in their systems, but also to feel that they can trust me to hold space for them at a deep level for them to feel safe enough to release what has been berried in their bodies sometimes for an entire lifetime.

Having experienced an unconventional life and gathered the qualifications required to address almost any issue I am able to hold a deep level of connection for client’s in order for them to transform on a profound level. No matter what trauma they have experienced and need to release I can remain steadfast, focused and calm throughout their time with me. allowing them to open up to the profound results they have been looking for.


My original training in Health Kinesiology took place with The London School of Kinesiology in Harley Street London, upon completing those years of emotionally demanding training I graduated with the class of 2017.

I then opened and ran a small busy private practice from Hayle. My home town in Cornwall, successfully switching to a virtual practice online supporting old and new clients throughout the lockdowns. This became such a success, taking off globally that I continue to offer a worldwide service.


Helping clients stuck in remote places all over the world is a very fulfilling feeling.

But due to popular demand I have now reopened a new privet practice in the beautifully modern Health and Well-being Innovation Centre opposite the city hospital, Treliske in Truro where I now hold face to face sessions again.

In the years following graduation I have enhanced my field of therapeutic modalities by adding to the already well proven method of bioenergetics with the powerful more mainstream systems such as Dr Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code who is also the founder of the amazing Body Code System covering and almost instantly transforming clients in-front of my eyes.  


John Newton's and Howard Will's Ancestral Clearing technique that has incredible instant results on clients emotional and physical well-being. 


Ann Parker's Accessing The Power of the 8 Extraordinary Channels that go deeper than standard energy medicine. Her protocols are like driving a double decker bus through your energy system, the results are profound and have many levels.


Dr Jimmy Scotts protocol, an incredible system developed to deal with neurological disorders and cognitive impairments following severe drain trauma.


And if you prefer to talk though your problems and not the “find and fix” approach.

I also qualified in Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy in 2020 which is an incredible system developed by Marisa Peer to transform any issues, giving you full conscious access to your unconscious mind allowing you to unearth and reprogram life changing positive belief sets.

All these powerful modalities come together I believe to form a super-therapist giving a "no stone left unturned' approach to assist any client's determination to rehabilitate issues and lead the life they were destined to flourish in.

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