What do you do?

"I Mend People. I Make The Hurt Go Away."

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What Makes Verity Brightside The Right Therapist For You?

I'm a healer but with a science background. What I do is based on quantum physics. I find and fix your problems whether they are physical, emotional or biochemical.

I work on all levels with my clients. 

The way we will work together is going to be different from anything you’ve experienced before.

That’s why I get the results I do in only a few hours. All you have to do is relax on the couch and I will instantly start releasing or rebalancing whatever needs to be addressed.


Clients want fast results, to be independent, drug free and thriving quickly and most see a change in symptoms or behaviour almost instantly. My focus is on getting clients to a point of empowerment they can sustain themselves with the occasional top up here and there when life gets tough. 

I don’t believe in a regimented approach to recovery, we are all different and thats why I give a client based on-demand service whenever I’m needed.  


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