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What do I do?

"I Help People Mend Themselves, Make Their Hurt Go Away."

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No One Knows What's Wrong With Me?

It can be incredibly disheartening when no one can give you answers. Or you have so many minor issues that they are all adding up and taking a toll on your health. 


In Bioenergetics the body can tell the practitioner what the original source of the problem is and how to correct it in sequence to get the most powerful results for you getting straight to the source of your Mystery Illnesses

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Do you wake up at the same time every night?


This could be due to an imbalance in some of your internal organs.

For instance, waking up regularly between 3 am and 5 am could be an indicator that your lungs have an underlying issue possibly related to unresolved feelings of grief or rejection.

If you find yourself waking up to go to the bathroom between 1 am & 3 am it's related to your liver and could be linked to feelings of being taken for granted.

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Sexy Time

Sex, it's everywhere. Just about everything comes down to sex.


It can bond a couple together or it can push them apart. Stress, hormones, energy levels, past trauma even our bodies, lives and relationships change. There are so many factors that creep in slowly when we take our relationships for granted and before you realise it, it may have been weeks since you guys were able to be intimate together.  


It doesn’t have to be this way. Get your mojo back!


I Fear Failure.

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, how hard you try, what you are searching for still feels out of reach? 

I have specifically designed tailor-made sessions for you to focus on anything and everything that's been holding you back from your best life.

From releasing negative subconscious beliefs around money, your love life and self-belief and confidence.

Any success blocks will be a thing of the past.

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"I Don’t Think I'm Enough For You"

Did you know we are capable of creating emotional walls around our hearts after an emotionally traumatic event?


It usually occurs in childhood through abuse or neglect and builds up multiple layers into as we get older and experience more emotionally triggering events. Leaving us with the inability to feel socially accepted, like whatever we do is never enough, feeling lonely in a room full of people, Anxiety, and Depression and getting misunderstood by loved ones, are all signs that you may have your own Heart Wall

Back Pain

Tell Me Where It Hurts.

Our emotions are almost always the cause of physical discomfort. 

Whether it is down to a physical trauma in the past with damaged tissue not repairing as quickly as it should or emotional stress creating tension in our muscles.

Trapped emotions are most likely the reason for your slow healing process

There is a simple yet incredibly powerful solution discovered and created by

Dr Bradley Nelson of the Body Code that will blow your mind with its reputation for instant pain relief.  Don’t put up with pain any longer.

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I Wanna Have Your Baby.

If you've been trying to conceive or carry to full term with disheartening results you are already going to be aware that this could be due to several different factors not only your body's biochemicals but emotional and psychological reasons too. I have helped many couples on their journeys to successfully starting a family. 

I have also helped many women overcome past birthing trauma to expand their families and go on to have natural fear free deliveries.

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It Runs In My Family?

Your ancestors have been through a lot. Births, deaths, marriages, world wars, famine, losses of all kinds have probably occurred in your ancestry at some point, leaving their blueprints on your bloodline.


When trauma is experienced on a deep and prolonged level and goes unprocessed it can get lodged in our DNA as a "survival" mechanism for generations to come and those negative family traits can repeat in further generations almost like a curse for future generations.

With the incredible work pioneered by John Newton and Howard Wills, Ancestral Clearing addresses and releases these old outdated patterns leaving you feeling lighter and energised with profound results.

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